Electric/auto production tools
Diamond and hard alloy tools
Abrasive tools and materials
Generator equipment
Hydraulic hand tools
A tool for the forest industry
Tools for processing metal, wire, pipes, stone, glass, ceramics, plastics
Tool for painting and painting works
Tools and equipment for car service
Tools and equipment for woodworking
Compressor equipment
Control, measuring and testing devices and tools
Fasteners, hardware
Laser technology
Scientific and technical literature and information
Equipment for cutting various materials
Equipment for construction and installation works
Sheet metal processing
Pneumatic hand tools
Precision tool
Manual electrified tool
Gardening tools, machinery and equipment
Welding equipment and consumables
Locksmith and assembly tools
Workwear and personal protective equipment
Containers and packaging, accessories for workshops and warehouses
Technologies of tool manufacturing and restoration
Machining centers turning, Machining centers, Milling machines
CNC lathes
Equipment and technologies for the production and installation of metal structures
Welding equipment